Saturday, January 31, 2009

Daniel Cortes, Telavisa Acting School, Mexico City, Mexico, 2004

Friday, January 30, 2009

Exerpt from Several Moments

SAMANTHA. I hate you. I hate you for making me feel stupid.

SUSANNAH. You shouldn’t feel stupid. Beyonce, Shakira, Aqua, I love that shit!
SAMANTHA. But you just gave me a look of shame.
SUSANNAH. If you wanted to put on Backstreet boys I would say do it… but you didn’t say put on Backstreet boys you said put on Britney Spears.
SAMANTHA. Yeah but you gave me a look of shame.
SUSANNAH. I’m sorry I don’t think she’s as talented as Christina Aguilera.
SAMANTHA. I don’t think she’s talented. I think it’s just like funny dancing. (Susannah laughs) Whatever.
SUSANNAH. Are we in a real fight?
SUSANNAH. (pause) Sorry.
SAMANTHA. Whatever. (Scattered laughter) I wanna go to bed now.

A family affair

A conversation in pictures
between Susannah and Kaelie